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Visit to Kerala

Latest Posted on Fri, January 26, 2018 21:24:00

visit to Kerala, India in November 2017, which bought much in the way of beauty colour, and expansive experiential richness to me (and 10 others all travelling in the same bus). All this is grist for the mill in terms of my work. Kerala in my experience is a very lush and protected state without some of the confrontations of the bigger Cities in other States. The topography is incredibly varied with the Old Port of KOCHIN (now Kochi) where the French, British and Portugese filled up their ships with Spices and Silks, to MUNNAR where the Tea Plantations were established and sadly the tigers and elephants shot by those “Gung-Ho” Victorian Tea Planters and where many of those working on the plantations died from diseases like Cholera, and Diptheria. To Thekkady where the Spice Plantations are abundant, and the lush tropical vegetation hides wonderful birds and wild animals. Aleppey which heralds the unbelievably tranquil Keralan Waterways where the wonderful handmade boats of wood and ratten move silently on the waters like prehistoric monsters with open mouths, emerging out of the morning and evening mists on some pre destined journey to somewhere mysterious….

Recent Client Feedback

Latest Posted on Tue, January 07, 2014 23:05:54

Authentic and Recent client (November/december 2013) based in the heart of Devon

I have recently been treated by Penelope for very painful chilblains that I have been suffering with every winter for the past few years. After talking with Penelope she felt an old back injury from a horse fall was the cause of the problem.

reaction after the very first remedy was dramatic as all symptons
became very intense. I stood outside on a freezing November’s day with
barefeet on a cold metal stand at a Rugby match for 3 hours, whilst
others wrapped up in thermals. Feet so hot and painful I was unable to
put them in shoes.

After this, symptons calmed down and following
a months treatment I have been amazed at the results. My chilblains
have disappeared and generally I feel energised, healthy and pain free. I
would certainly recommend Penelope’s practice.

Happy New Year!

Latest Posted on Tue, January 07, 2014 15:04:51

Latest from Penelope …

Beautiful new Grandson born on 1.10.2013 weighing 8lb 9oz via a C Section after 3 days of labour (phew!) and lovely big baby suffered a bit of acid reflux whilst feeding, which may have been the trauma of the C section and all the medication given during an epidural which preceded the C section, and additionally, it may also have been a family susceptibility. After giving a milk remedy the little darling seemed calmer and more comfortable and the feeding smoother – the bonding was reaffirmed. Overall a fantastic result to see them settling into a flow and that precious union of Mother and child, which is what its all about really……..

I gave one of my cats who was suffering from mild Alopecia some Staphisagria followed by Thallium Acetas 30 which has a trophic action on hair follicles and helps the regeneration of the hair follicles, provided the follicles have not been destroyed. This treatment improved things no end, and then gave some Follliculinum one of the ovarian hormone remedies which seemed to finish the job off and her coat is once more glossy and full. I did some research and found this information in my George Macleod book on CATS. Good old George’s book, together with the Christopher Day Book “The Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals” usually come up trumps covering problems that arise for my animals. The issue may have been around abandonment because I took a short break in the summer and whilst they were beautifully cared for by my neighbour who is a great animal lover and together with one of her sons fed them and gave them great good care and attention, nevertheless, it would have been stressful because I was not there as normal. There were subtle relationship issues between her and her sister too, thus an imbalance in their relationship which grew from my cat with the Alopecia problem’s imbalance in the first place.

3.1.2014 More recently, I have treated a horse suffering from Cushings disease and other problems, including a splintered bone in a hind leg for which I have recommended some Symphytum (Knit Bone) to stimulate bone growth and I am waiting with great interest to hear what changes the daily, four week package brings.

6.1.2014 Today the first New Year children’s clinic at The Pegasus Centre in Wellington where we had several children who came to clinic with a variety of problems from chesty cough’s, and throat problems to emotional difficulties following a shock and “New Term” nerves. The clinic runs monthly for children of all ages and for many varied and different complaints. It has been running for the past 15 years and we have seen some very interesting and encouraging results from the work not least of which is due to the commitment of the parents who want to follow a gentle and non toxic approach to help their children rebalance and heal.

More to follow! Happy New Year Everyone! This is a good year for healing changes…………….

Webmaster’s Comment

Latest Posted on Mon, December 16, 2013 20:53:02

Dear All

Penelope has started a new blog and would like people to add to it, ask questions, give their experiences etc.

I’ll start! here’s my twopennyworth

I’m not that acquainted with homoeopathy but some thoughts …

it is telling that the Royal family use it!

the quantum physics Penelope mentions in her introduction also persuades me as much as an A level grade E in Physics can!

but i trust the stats the most and it’s been around a long time. when i was in SRN training at UCH we had placements at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital it was part of the mainstream training.

like cures like, isn’t that a bit like the flu jab which is pretty mainstream!?

please add your own experiences and comments.


The next post is the introduction to this blog by Penelope.

Please feel free to email with any contributions or questions you have and I hope you enjoy reading the blog as it goes along, and if you like, contributing to it.


Latest Posted on Mon, December 16, 2013 20:46:10

Homeopathy has been my passion for 37 years. I have 15 years of
Practice experience and 37 years of experience, using first aid and
birth remedies studying and then qualifying and becoming a Fully
qualified and Registered Homeopath having joined the Society of
Homeopaths and then growing into Full-time Practice. Although
homeopathy is currently not yet available on the NHS, . It took me 7
years of study, to become a Homeopath and I continue to update my
knowledge and awareness through Continuing Professional Development
Workshops. I have extended and specialised my study by learning from
the Indian Homeopaths, in particular the Sensation Method as taught by
Rajan Sankaran. I travelled to Goa, India in 2009 to attend a
Seminar to learn in depth The Sensation Method as taught by Rajan
Sankaran, Jayesh Shah, Dinesh Chuhan, Divya Choudhra, The Joshi’s and
others, learning how to find the closest simillimum or similar pattern
matching picture as expressed by the individual suffering through the
symptoms they are experiencing. The Sensation Method “looks” at and
“listens” to the language of the individual patient as expressed through
their symptoms and their own unique experience of the world. We all
experience a different and unique story from the moment we are born (and
some believe before birth also) and this experience “colours” our view
of the world. Thus, we all experience the world in a very different
way and “play out” this experience in our lives in a healthy way and a
less healthy way. When we are “suffering” this is expressed by way of
“symptoms” and it is our own unique way of understanding that things
are no longer in a state of harmony and balance and this is reflected
“without” and can be seen reflected like a mirror lens in our lives.
The different Kingdoms all have a place in the Natural World of which
we are a part (Animal, Mineral, Plant) and all have their own language
to express their experience of their world. For example Animal
behaviour is about survival and competition, sexuality and threat from
predators. They often form ‘families” or groups in order to survive.
Minerals have different issues some regarding structure and power and
fear of or loss of this in their lives. Plants are extremely sensitive
and are very much subjected to the environment around them which either
sustains them or not as the case maybe. In addition to this,
Homeopaths are now working with many different remedies including
Radioactive Remedies because we are all now exposed to varying degrees
of this kind of fragmentation breakdown and toxicity in the world,
especially after Nuclear accidents, or experimental bomb detonation and
more recently the Fukashima accident.

in my experience is a gentle and deeply profound way of healing. It
is not necessarily a “quick fix” unless you take a First Aid remedy such
as Arnica for a bruise or shock. It is in my experience more a
process of healing through transformation and change. I think a good
analogy is digging your garden over. You have to get out all the old
debris, lumps bumps and and oxygenate, refresh and purify the soil
before planting your seeds, if you want to grow beautifully healthy and
vibrant plants. Homeopathy is a process whereby you are achieving
this beautiful fresh new soil for a healthy and vibrant garden, that
will nurture and nourish your health well being, inner peace and
creative potential.

Homeopathy fits in with
Quantum Physics and is not part of the conventional drug culture we know
at present. It is a very different system of healing and works not
with suppression as in conventional medicine or drugs, often with side
effects that need further medication to counteract the side effects and
in some cases cause drug dependency. Homeopathy works by
supporting and energising your own healing ability and energetic system
(your immune system) rebalancing you to a healthier state, where your
well being and general health are energised, improved, more in harmony,
and more vital. If you talk to a Quantum Physicist, they understand
the words “energy fields” and “patterns” because they study and see this
all around us in nature. Homeopathy works in the same way. We look
at the “energy field of the individual patient and the “pattern” of
their disease or illness as expressed in the symptom picture they are

There are many different remedies
to help you on a First Aid basis, on a seasonal basis (flu’s, coughs,
colds, bronchitis, pleurisy, hangovers etc) sports injuries,
bereavement, separation, divorce, during any difficult and stressful
time, and in my experience homeopathy at these times takes the “rough
edge” off the situation and relieves the stress in a non suppressive and
healthy way, supporting you, helping you to cope and stay in balance
whilst you are going through what may be a traumatic time. We cannot
control life, but we can take responsibility for our own health and a
healthy response to the knocks and challenges we all experience as we go
through life.


am a mother and a grandmother, and I value relationships. I love to
cook and make jams, jellies and home preserves and also to make things
with my hands. I love beauty in all its forms and enjoy creating
tranquil and lovely surroundings. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
its loveliness will not fade and it will never pass into nothingness”.
I love my home.

I have been to Life Drawing workshops and
enjoy pastel work and some painting too, and discovered to my surprise
that it gave a great outlet in terms of expression of emotion and

I write poetry, and enjoy reading. I sing in a
small Chorale both sacred and secular music. I love music, in all
its variety of forms both ancient and modern, popular music and jazz.
I sing folk music and play basic guitar. I love to dance. …….

enjoy cycling, and walking in nature I love the beauty of the natural
world. I enjoy pottering around my garden and pots, I enjoy
swimming (preferably in a warm sea!) and I love the sun and admit to
basking when I can in it! I like to laugh a lot, and love making
dinners for friends and family. It is important to me to grow and
develop my spirituality. I try to live in as whole a way as I can
without causing suffering unduly to others though I am human and
fallible and not perfect……….

The books I value
are Andrew Harvey’s work Return of the Mother,and other works, anything
and everything written by this modern Mystic. Books by Thomas Hardy,
George Elliot, Mysteries of Udolpho, Joseph Conrad, The Herryes
Chronicles, The Secret Garden, Thunderhead, D.H.Lawrence, and many
others. I love the Poetry of Rumi, Shakespeare, the Metaphysical
Poets, Rupert Brooke, the War Poets, The Romantic Poets, WB Yates,
Robert Frost, Gerald Manley Hopkins, The Beat Poets, Roger Mcgough, Ted
Hughes, and many modern Poets.