visit to Kerala, India in November 2017, which bought much in the way of beauty colour, and expansive experiential richness to me (and 10 others all travelling in the same bus). All this is grist for the mill in terms of my work. Kerala in my experience is a very lush and protected state without some of the confrontations of the bigger Cities in other States. The topography is incredibly varied with the Old Port of KOCHIN (now Kochi) where the French, British and Portugese filled up their ships with Spices and Silks, to MUNNAR where the Tea Plantations were established and sadly the tigers and elephants shot by those “Gung-Ho” Victorian Tea Planters and where many of those working on the plantations died from diseases like Cholera, and Diptheria. To Thekkady where the Spice Plantations are abundant, and the lush tropical vegetation hides wonderful birds and wild animals. Aleppey which heralds the unbelievably tranquil Keralan Waterways where the wonderful handmade boats of wood and ratten move silently on the waters like prehistoric monsters with open mouths, emerging out of the morning and evening mists on some pre destined journey to somewhere mysterious….