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Latest Posted on Tue, January 07, 2014 23:05:54

Authentic and Recent client (November/december 2013) based in the heart of Devon

I have recently been treated by Penelope for very painful chilblains that I have been suffering with every winter for the past few years. After talking with Penelope she felt an old back injury from a horse fall was the cause of the problem.

reaction after the very first remedy was dramatic as all symptons
became very intense. I stood outside on a freezing November’s day with
barefeet on a cold metal stand at a Rugby match for 3 hours, whilst
others wrapped up in thermals. Feet so hot and painful I was unable to
put them in shoes.

After this, symptons calmed down and following
a months treatment I have been amazed at the results. My chilblains
have disappeared and generally I feel energised, healthy and pain free. I
would certainly recommend Penelope’s practice.

Happy New Year!

Latest Posted on Tue, January 07, 2014 15:04:51

Latest from Penelope …

Beautiful new Grandson born on 1.10.2013 weighing 8lb 9oz via a C Section after 3 days of labour (phew!) and lovely big baby suffered a bit of acid reflux whilst feeding, which may have been the trauma of the C section and all the medication given during an epidural which preceded the C section, and additionally, it may also have been a family susceptibility. After giving a milk remedy the little darling seemed calmer and more comfortable and the feeding smoother – the bonding was reaffirmed. Overall a fantastic result to see them settling into a flow and that precious union of Mother and child, which is what its all about really……..

I gave one of my cats who was suffering from mild Alopecia some Staphisagria followed by Thallium Acetas 30 which has a trophic action on hair follicles and helps the regeneration of the hair follicles, provided the follicles have not been destroyed. This treatment improved things no end, and then gave some Follliculinum one of the ovarian hormone remedies which seemed to finish the job off and her coat is once more glossy and full. I did some research and found this information in my George Macleod book on CATS. Good old George’s book, together with the Christopher Day Book “The Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals” usually come up trumps covering problems that arise for my animals. The issue may have been around abandonment because I took a short break in the summer and whilst they were beautifully cared for by my neighbour who is a great animal lover and together with one of her sons fed them and gave them great good care and attention, nevertheless, it would have been stressful because I was not there as normal. There were subtle relationship issues between her and her sister too, thus an imbalance in their relationship which grew from my cat with the Alopecia problem’s imbalance in the first place.

3.1.2014 More recently, I have treated a horse suffering from Cushings disease and other problems, including a splintered bone in a hind leg for which I have recommended some Symphytum (Knit Bone) to stimulate bone growth and I am waiting with great interest to hear what changes the daily, four week package brings.

6.1.2014 Today the first New Year children’s clinic at The Pegasus Centre in Wellington where we had several children who came to clinic with a variety of problems from chesty cough’s, and throat problems to emotional difficulties following a shock and “New Term” nerves. The clinic runs monthly for children of all ages and for many varied and different complaints. It has been running for the past 15 years and we have seen some very interesting and encouraging results from the work not least of which is due to the commitment of the parents who want to follow a gentle and non toxic approach to help their children rebalance and heal.

More to follow! Happy New Year Everyone! This is a good year for healing changes…………….