Dear All

Penelope has started a new blog and would like people to add to it, ask questions, give their experiences etc.

I’ll start! here’s my twopennyworth

I’m not that acquainted with homoeopathy but some thoughts …

it is telling that the Royal family use it!

the quantum physics Penelope mentions in her introduction also persuades me as much as an A level grade E in Physics can!

but i trust the stats the most and it’s been around a long time. when i was in SRN training at UCH we had placements at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital it was part of the mainstream training.

like cures like, isn’t that a bit like the flu jab which is pretty mainstream!?

please add your own experiences and comments.


The next post is the introduction to this blog by Penelope.

Please feel free to email with any contributions or questions you have and I hope you enjoy reading the blog as it goes along, and if you like, contributing to it.